shower-head-spraying-waterYou deserve to be drinking, clean, fresh water, which is essential to good health, and Dominion Water will provide you with the products and information that you need to make your water its delicious best.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools and the knowledge to make educated decisions about improving the quality of your water. We offer filtering systems for both municipal water and well water.

About Us

Since 1973, Dominion Water has sought to be a different kind of water treatment company. Operating with integrity and fairness in every facet of our business is our highest priority.

We believe in offering the best water purification products at the best prices, without the deceptive dealing, high-pressure sales, and unresponsive service that often plague the nationally known companies. And, we do NOT employ commissioned-based salesmen.

When you contact Dominion Water for a residential water analysis consultation, equipment installation or follow-up service, you will find our technicians and our office staff to be well-trained, well-spoken, courteous and most importantly, effective.

Dominion Water carefully selects only top-notch people. We offer them excellent benefits and expect that they give our customers 100%.

Our Commitment to Our Customers:

  • We will be completely open and honest.
  • We will rely on the intelligence of our customers.
  • We will present the facts without embellishment.
  • We will make every effort to insure that our knowledge of water treatment technology is accurate, comprehensive and current.
  • We will be sensitive to each individual customer’s requirement for information, so that they can make logical purchasing decisions.
  • We will never criticize another water treatment company.
  • We will discuss technical differences of other brands for the purpose of comparison
  • We will obtain and install the best equipment on the market.