Since 1973, when decorated Air force pilot and Vietman War veteran, Carl Conway, started the parent company Dominion Well Company, Dominion Water has sought to be a different kind of water treatment company. Our roots are in water well drilling – we really do know well water. Operating with integrity and fairness in every aspect of our business is our highest priority. Naturally we provide active military discounts.

We are the only water treatment company in the Washington Metro area to offer a 12 month money back guarantee of satisfaction. We are unlike our competition in 3 very distinct ways : 1. We do not employ commissioned salesmen, 2. We are not a franchise organization, and 3. We assemble our own systems purchasing the industry’s best components directly from the manufacturers.

Clear Water, Dominion Water

Whether you contact Dominion Water for a water analysis, a treatment system installation or a follow up service call, you will find our technicians and office staff to be well spoken and well trained, courteous and most importantly effective in solving your water problems. Dominion Water selects top-notch people and offer them excellent benefits so we expect that they give our customers 100%.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Mark BaylissWinchester

I was very impressed by the knowledge of the technician who came out to my house. There was no sales pitch which I can't stand. He simply tested the water and gave me a quote. The installation was very neat and has worked like charm ever since.