Automatic Whole House Filters & Acid Neutralizers

Water is the lifeline of any home. Beyond drinking it, we use it to bathe, cook and clean things like dishes and clothes. That makes having clean, quality water all the more important. Depending on the source of the water, it can contain various degrees of harmful contaminants like chemicals, sediments and organic matter. Even treated water sources from cities and towns might not be in the best condition. This is where a home water filter system can be handy. These systems take the water that enters your home from a single source and treats it to remove these various harmful contaminants.

If your water is provided by city or county water then you may want to remove the chlorine that municipalities add to the water to purify it. If you have a well and the water is acidic which corrodes copper plumbing you may want to add on an acid neutralizer tank to prevent corrosive damage to appliances and plumbing fixtures. Acid neutralizers are filled with a calcium media called calcite which adds calcium to buffer acidity. The tank needs to be replenished periodically as the calcite dissolves in the water as it raises the water pH. If you have well water that contains a lot of sediment and grit you will want a backwashing sediment filter to trap the sediment and grit to prevent if from clogging up appliances and plumbing fixtures.

Our water treatment technicians are trained to help you decide which system is ideal for your particular water problem.

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